About us

Discover the team of professionals at Euthenia Energy

Jean Christophe Chalot
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Luis López García
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Ralph Sayad
Managing Partner
Alberto Reyes
Executive V.P. Caribbean Region
Alfonso Rodríguez
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Carmen Morales
Administrative Director (Spain)
Rebecca Chalot
Communication & Marketing Director
Francisco Cortes
Office Manager (Spain)
Miguel Ángel Conde
Head Of the Legal Department
Michael Indjeyan Sicakyuz
Executive VP Manager Armenia Region

Over 20 years of experience being a unique independent provider of renewable solutions.

The contemplated portfolio structure seeks to balance the development of multi-renewable solutions and the natural over-cost of a net zero carbon energy system by implementing innovative solutions such as Micro-Grid Hybrid, off-grid, full bioenergy generation, mix of sustainable solutions (Solar, Wind, BESS, etc. )