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Euthenia Energy, your partner for an optimal energy transition towards a competitive zero carbon solution.

Energy transformation processes

Euthenia Energy

EUTHENIA ENERGY is focused on investing in and supplying the critical components of the global energy transition. We create, develop, and operate innovative net-zero energy assets mixing a whole spectrum of sustainable solutions, such as: biomass, renewable energy, hybrid, biofuels, synthetic gas, biochar (CO2 sequestration).

We offer a full investment package for the energy asset and due to our industrial roots, we always manage, operate & maintain our assets base for our clients.

Our objective is to address the strong and urgent needs of the markets to radically transform the energy matrix by providing efficient renewable energy solutions and cover the energy demand.

Euthenia Energy offers its clients a unique experience as an operator of medium-sized projects, with an established track record in combining multiple sources of bioenergy generation.

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Euthenia Energy is a member of the European Biochar Industry Association (EBI) and participates in the carbon certification process.

Our mission is to address and overcome the net zero carbon challenges of our current world providing renewable & sustainable solutions

Euthenia is implementing with its customers solutions to substitute Natural gas / Fuel oil power & thermal generation with biofuels, syngas & biomethane for a net zero-carbon power generation.

Euthenia addresses this challenge implementing solutions of pyrolysis, gasification and methanation technologies for green generation, including a liquefaction alternative for distribution.

At present, Euthenia Energy is developing several projects already in a construction phase in Central/Western Europe (2) and the Caribbean (2), with commissioning expected by 4Q23 up to 4Q24.


Our company



Years of experience in energy transformation processes.


  • Euthenia Energy, Co-founder of NeoElectra group S.A.S. in France and Spain (2003 – Divestiture 2010/2011)

  • Euthenia Energy, Originator of Taranis in France (2011 – 2013)

  • Euthenia Energy, Founder of Clean Sustainable Spain S.L. (2013 - divestiture in 10/2019).

  • Mexico: promotion of gas-to-wire projects (State of Nuevo Leon) and hybrid power solution (Off-grid) for tertiary -tourism (Baja California), (2019-2020)

  • Euthenia Energy in early 2024 will be, with its biochar center (Spain), one of the biggest European biochar producers.


Group strategy

Taking into account the maturity of the EU market together with the objective of fully mobilizing its operational and financial capacities, Euthenia Capital participated in a strategic regional change with the complete divestment of assets of the EU that was finalized in 2021.

Since 2018, Euthenia Capital has been actively involved in creating opportunities in the Mexican market (integrated gas pipelines projects in northern border states and dedicated to sustainable energy supply in Baja California Sur).

At the end of 2020, Euthenia Capital decided to focus on the Caribbean and Central American markets, with easy access to natural gas supply offering one of the most suitable markets to start the energy transition process regional.