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The benefits of biochar

Research confirms that with biochar-enriched soils the plants grow healthier and higher-yielding, especially in degraded or heavily eroded soils. In fact, Biochar Now users often claim that biochar costs are amortized during the first year thanks to increased yields.

The increased soil fertility is attributable to the unique adsorption and stability biochar properties. Compared to other organic soil amendments, biochar is much more effective at retaining nutrients and keeping them available to plants. It maintains a porous structure that attracts beneficial microbes, retains nutrients and retains moisture, qualities that increase fertilizer efficiency and improve crop yields, while reducing the need for watering.

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Biochar applications

  • . Agriculture – fertilizer and soil rejuvenation
  • Cement – construction industry
  • Asphalt
  • Oil and Gas (site restoration and drilling mud filter)
  • Biofilter
  • Graphene extraction